Engagement Ring Shopping: Landmark

2 Jan

My friend Lisa got her engagement ring from Lion’s Gate. She tells a pretty funny story about the situation concerning a multitude of doors, buzzers and a Russian man with dozens of loose diamonds.

How could we NOT visit this place?

It’s since change hands, now its known as Landmark Diamonds.

After the requisite weird doors with buzzers, we entered a modest showroom. For some reason, I was really glad I had my boyfriend with me.

We were greeted by an older man (late 50s?), who showed us some styles (no pressure at all). He actually remembered our names, and stayed away from the money questions until we were ready, and even then, was light handed, only asking to figure out a ball-park center stone range.

He showed us some stones, we looked at them through a loup as he pointed out imperfections, colors, etc and generally educated us on the stones.

I must say, I was BLOWN AWAY by the education and service we received at this place.

Yes, they custom design like many places, but the fact that Brian went above and beyond what EVERY OTHER jeweler did, makes me want the ring to come from here.

Whether TFH custom designs or goes with a “designer” setting, I hope we go through these guys in some way, shape or form.


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