I'm Losing "Man Points" By The Minute

12 Jan

declining-chart.gifMany moons ago, two of my buddies and I started a “man points” scale.  The scale is numeric, but the scoring system is anything but scientific.

At the time, I scored fairly consistently in the middle of the man scale.  I wasn’t the most manly of the 3, we all agreed, but I wasn’t the least manly either.  I was who I was and I remained within a 1 point deviation of my mean manliness throughout the duration of the scale.  We all agreed the man scale was accurate, witty and reliable.

Then I met her.  I had the usual early relationship love-sickness, sure.  That was bound to cost me points and this was expected.  I said a couple of dumb things, this cost me more points.  The dog was an automatic two point deduction.  Buying the ring represents a negative 3 points…

It goes on and on, but the summary is that I’ve caused a change in the format of the chart.  I’ve forced us to explore negative territory on the chart’s scale.

I wonder how many points this blog would deduct from my account.  I also wonder how many points would be deducted if one of my cohorts was to see that we recently purchased this flower covered wedding budget book.

The man scale isn’t so funny anymore.


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