Consider Yourself Warned

14 Jan

oleg-cassini.jpgI’ve been officially warned, by more than one person, to avoid David’s Bridal.

That comes as a shock to me… there must be hundreds of thousands of brides buying their dresses there, each year.

With the warning working more as a “dare,” I decided to give it a shot.

Here’s my impression:

Upon entering, I was greeted by a girl sitting at a table. I asked if I could try on a slip — she paged someone. This “someone” had no idea what I was talking about. Hmmm, a bridal shop employee who knows neither what a “slip” nor “crinoline” was? I actually tried to explain — “Its the thing that goes under your dress, that give the dress body…” — to no avail.

Finally, someone else walked by, as my helper silently stared at me with a confused look on my face. They were able to tell her where to find bridal slips. She brought me one. I asked if they had other styles, she wasn’t sure (and left it at that).

I decided to swing through their dress displays, just for funsies and surprisingly discovered two dresses were (gasp) actually cute.

Alas, I wasn’t allowed to find out if they were cute on my body, as I apparently need to make an appointment, just to re-enter the fitting room I had used a mere 2 minutes previous, since the item I was trying had changed.

So… David’s Bridal has officially been crossed off the list of potentials.


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