Engagement Ring Shopping, Part 2: Negotiating

15 Jan

tiffany-ring.jpgI’ve never been particularly good at “negotiating” anything. I’ve bought 3 cars and felt a little ripped off each time. I’ve screwed myself on salary more than once.  Heck, there are entire stores I learned negotiated price AFTER I made my purchase.

Suffice to say, sales people salivate at the site of me.

For this and countless other reasons, I’ve dreaded engagement ring shopping.  I’m convinced, at every turn, that some slimy sales person is going to overwhelm me with terms, convince me to trust her, and then stick me with a little yellow diamond that will result in a forced smile from the BTB.

Take, Tiffany and Co., for instance.  That place is all about putting you under the sparkly lights, convincing you they’re the best, and giving you essentially no options to work from.  They make you feel like you aren’t even good enough to stand on their carpet and overprice their stuff.

Then, thanks to a glowing recommendation from good friends, we stumbled upon Landmark Diamond and Precious Metals.  They sit you down, show you some diamonds, talk to you about what you want and then help you through the process.  Not only that, they’re significantly cheaper than the “big guys.”

It’s funny to find out that diamond ring shopping works opposite the rest of the retail world, but it, in fact, does.  The small guys are there to keep the prices down and work with you as an individual.  The small guys are there to keep the big guys honest.  The small guys are there to eat chicken while you explain how everwhelmed you are.

I’m pretty sure that all I’ll be able to say I got from Tiffany out of this experience is a bottle of water.  Take that, you snobby sales chick.


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