Balancing It All

17 Jan

My problem is that I spent too much time on my career.  I’m very protective of it and I have always kept my options open.  I ran a one man operation for 7 years and where I lived was really just a detail.  That was the best part, no one cared and that allowed me to jump at any job opportunity… anywhere… anytime.

I lived in airplanes.  I lived in hotels.  I lived in corporate apartments.

Now I have a future bride.  Now I have a dog.  Now I have responsibilities beyond booking my flights at the right time.

What’s the right thing to do?  Do I stay where I am and keep my options open (which is what my gut says)?  Do I ask my future bride and puppy to move out to the coast and uproot their lives for a couple years?

Am I being indecisive?  Am I lacking the guts to move forward?  Is this normal?

I’ll tell you this, there’s not a chance I give up on it.


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