Spicy & Hot

26 Jan

charsa-sash.jpgMonique Lhuillier really brought the sashed wedding dress trend to where it is today.

That said, there are tons of fabulous sashes you can add to your wedding dress to take it from pretty to spectacular.

House of Brides has a an astonishing selection of 48 colors available in a 4″ x 9′ sash for only $29. I haven’t a clue what they’re made of, but at that price, I imagine it must be poly.

Charsa is my top choice for sashes. This line offers 43 colors in silk dupioni alone, as well as 28 in charmuse and chiffon, 9 in faille and 30 colors in satin. They come in different and lengths as well, from to two to eight inches wide, 70 inches-120 inches long. These luxury sashes top out at $75. Not bad for a splash of luxury and glamour.

I’d be lying if I said that I haven’t been seriously toying with the idea of sashing my dress, depending on the style of the one I choose, of course.

They also offer shirred and pleated belts in a ton of colors. Brilliant.

(photo from Charsa.com)


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