Take A Picture, Will Ya?!

29 Jan

Everyone has an opinion about wedding photographers. I have friends who didn’t research theirs and now regret the fact that they were trying to save time and money, because they have crappy photos. I have friends who researched and planned and have fabulous shots.

I talked to my mom about the cost of a photographer (anywhere from $995 for the wedding to 7,500, for what we’re looking for). She cracked me up with her response, “Just put cameras on every table and use those as your wedding photos.”

Are you kidding mom? I have seen what comes out of those cameras, lots of kids making faces and photos of butts, bossoms and cut-of heads. Right.

In fact, one friend had about 20 of those cameras. After spending $150 to develop them, we found 4 decent photos. 4 photos from 480.

So, now we begin the researching of photographers. I hear that booking them a year or more out is good, if you see one you really want. And I sure as heck am not using those crappy disposable cameras, so here we go.


3 Responses to “Take A Picture, Will Ya?!”

  1. reboundation January 29, 2008 at 6:53 pm #

    Finding the right photographer is crucial to having memories that will last! As a wedding photographer myself, I tell my clients that “there are just as many photographers as there are days before your wedding…so choose wisely, and don’t be afraid to be picky!”

    Good luck with the planning, and if you need any advice, just shout 🙂

  2. hellotj January 29, 2008 at 7:10 pm #

    H. In India amongst Hindus Wedding photographer is compulsary . Here the whole custom is captured both in pics and videos ..
    With some experience dealing with photographers, when it comes to wedding they simply hike the price coz emotions rule !! They charge 100-200% more than its actual cost and people are ready to pay for it.
    Ya .. All the best ..

  3. Joe Federer February 11, 2009 at 12:55 pm #

    I realize it’s a bit late and you’ve already decided… but just to emphasize the point: Do NOT replace a wedding photographer with disposables. It simply doesn’t work (if it did, I would have done it for my own wedding).
    As an addition, sure, maybe, if you have a little extra in your budget… but not as a replacement. Your thoughts are spot on, 100%.

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