Wedding Dresses Are A Funny Thing

29 Jan

mori-lee-dress.jpgWedding dresses… the topic of so many books, magazines, blog postings (like this one!), shops and musings.

Its funny how a dress that one would consider to be ugly, another may find beautiful.

I was never into the designer Mori Lee until I saw this dress. Now, since I am not a size 4, I see no reason to think that I would look like this while wearing this dress (oh no, my size 10 frame wouldn’t squeeze into that little thing if it were split at the seams).

And…what the heck?! I’ve always been the one to vocally share my distaste of lace, beading and sweetheart necklines, and now? I’m chasing them down!

I can admire this beautiful dress from the safety of my computer screen (without the slightest strain on my pocketbook) — but this little beauty will never touch my body.

Isn’t she lovely?


One Response to “Wedding Dresses Are A Funny Thing”

  1. amberfireinus January 29, 2008 at 11:51 pm #

    The thing that I find amazing/terrible about wedding dresses is that they are always sized 2 to 4 sizes larger than you actually are in your street clothes. So that on your wedding day, when you should be feeling your most beautiful, you feel like a big fat pig! Thank you oh wise Paris designers for basing the model on that of a 14 year old girl in the 1800’s. We all appreciate your kindness!

    p.s. the dress is lovely and would look great on a size 10…. very flattering!

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