A Giant Leap For Me

1 Feb

I’ve never lived with a boyfriend. I’ve lived with my parents and sisters. I’ve had roommates that ranged from a fun-crafty, like-minded roommate from Craigslist (one of my top 2!) to a feline obsessed kook who literally thought I turned her cat against her and who would watch me while I slept. I’ve never lived with a guy outside of my family — unless you could those 2 months a girlfriend and I shared a room in a houseful of guys in college — ick, what a mess that was. That doesn’t count because I was sleeping on a bunkbed.

So… we’ve booked the moving company. On Feb. 9, my bed, undies, shoes (shoes & shoes), and every little knick knack I own will be carted off to the GTB’s house.

And… I’m not nervous and I’m not scared, but I am… hmmm, experiencing a bit of anxiety. I mean — this is HUGE for me.

Is this normal?

Its the first step in our journey to a life together. Suddenly, its all so real.


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