Capture The Moment 1

4 Feb

rodney-kenzie-toughresize.jpgWe have officially begun to search for Photographers.

I started out with a list from The Knot, paired with two other online compilations of photographers. From a list of over 120 photographers and an exhaustive online search, I was able to cull the list down to a handful of fantastic photogs —

We had stipulations, of course. We wanted someone who had a good grasp of light and space and is able to capture “real” moments within the wedding. We wanted someone who wouldn’t “pose” us much.

We both were aware of needing the rights to print our photos ourselves (negative rights — regardless of copyright — ask me if you need more information).

Oh yes, and we wanted someone who wouldn’t cost over $4000. We know that good photographers can be expensive and we’re willing to deal with that… but we do have our limits.

That last stipulation kicked out some really fantastic Photographers. I was enamored with Olive Juice Studios — but I didn’t really want to get a package that started at $4650 (before engagement photos or digital files).

However, once we have kids, I am pretty sure we’ll get together with them to do a baby session! They are stunning.

We had to cut Bella, Generation (incredible! Joe Dickie is fantastic, his photos are breathtaking), and a few others. Keep an eye on our site for our take on the photographers we do meet as we work to select the best!


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