Capture The Moment 4

5 Feb

The GTB and I made our first Saturday stop at 1Fine Day‘s studio in NE Minneapolis. We met with Brett who was so fun — she works as a sort of coordinator for the studio (which is under the umbrella of Serendipity Photography.

We chatted with her for a while. It’s funny, I completely followed everything she said. We got into the car and the GTB was like, “She was just throwing numbers at us! I couldn’t keep up!” He’s a brilliant man, but get two girls talking and throwing numbers around in a somewhat non-logical way and “look out!”

Anyway, we checked out some images and got a feel for what our day would look like, time-wise. It was weird, this is the only studio that offered this information.

We were pretty excited about everything, and still are. We just need to meet the actual photographer, Shannon (off in Costa Rica right now) before we make final decision.

The prices weren’t bad either. For 6 hours, an engagement session, high-res proofs and Brett as our assistant the day of our wedding, we’d be looking at about $2725. You could actually get a no-frills 5 hour session for around $2,300. I have a secret about why this is such a great deal — email me and I’ll let you know 🙂

She’s got some really fantastic images on the sites, so we are (moreso, I am!) hoping that when we do meet her, we mesh well and our decision is made for us.

As with the other photographers, we’ll be sure to keep you posted!


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