Most Amazing Dress Shop Ever

7 Feb

charsa-dress.jpg Okay, I found the most amazing dress shop. I may have mentioned it before, but I have the details on why I am SO in love.

I Do & Baby Too is run by this amazing woman, Kimberly.

When I went in to check out the shop and try on dresses, Kimberly showered me with one-on-one attention, honesty (oh no, that dress just doesn’t work on you!) and tons of ideas.

She explained the lines, Wtoo, Nicole Miller, Charsa, Coren Moore, Kaya Couture… and grabbed some samples.

We played with sashes and came up with some fantastic ideas for the ceremony and reception.

I drooled over amazing hair combs, bridal purses (many from a local designer) and jewelry as well.

Then, as I reluctantly took of the dress, I lamented how I’d never learn how to tie the sash like she does.

Not to worry! She’ll actually come to help you get dressed the day of your wedding. Its completely free! Un-be-lieve-able! Even though my wedding is SO far across the metro, Kimberly assures me that she’ll be there! Wow!

So, even though I may have found my dress (and its all luxury and delicious for under $500), I have a personal dresser that comes along with it!

I am so psyched for my big day now!

(image is not my dress, but a dress from the same designer)


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