Superbowl Parties As A Couple

7 Feb

When I was single, I never watched football with more than 1 or 2 people. Even then, when I did, I arrived with, at a minimum, a six pack in one arm and a bag of chips in the other. The event was simple, everyone was guaranteed a good seat and the focus was on the game. Rude comments about the refs and players you dislike weren’t just tolerated, they were encouraged.

Now, I go to superbowl parties. This was a first for me. We arrived with nothing to drink, stuffed mushrooms and pickles wrapped in ham and cream cheese (don’t knock it until you try it… really).

The girls nearly outnumbered the guys which means a few things:

1) I felt like a jackass the two times I yelled at… the TV. Yeah, I’m that guy.

2) I gave up on hearing the announcers. A closet favorite hobby of mine is ripping on the poor saps in the booth.

3) The commercials were ruined due to the chatter level.

4) Most of the conversation focused on Justin Timberlake and explanations of what “Bud Bowl” was.  Yes, you heard that right, there were actually several people at the party who had never heard of the bud bowl.

I think the only benefit of the party was that because of the largely female crowd, very few people questioned the fact that I wasn’t drinking at the party. I also wasn’t ridiculed for being on the south beach diet. That said, a big part of me missed watching a football game and not taking crap for being completely whipped. As a man, I need that from time to time. I thrive on being ripped on by a couple of my buddies.

I remain baffled as to what all this means. I think it might take me months to fully understand…


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