Life With A Puppy, Day 1

12 Feb

Our little Stella has officially joined our family.

My mom, after making me feel ridiculously guilty about bringing our “poor” puppy into a home where she’d be the solo pup, rather than 1 in 5, told me to expect her to have accidents in her kennel.

The GTB took her for a walk before we went to bed, and we tucked her into her kennel for a night’s sleep.

Of course she whined and scratched at the thing for about 5 minutes. We tried to keep from giggling, we felt bad for her, but it felt darned funny — like a prisoner dragging their tin cup along prison bars, then it sounded like she was shaking a paper bag somehow.

She settled down and didn’t make a peep all night.

When we got up this morning, she was still sleeping! Yes! What a great pup!


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