This Puppy is THE BEST

23 Feb

The poop patrol marches on, my friends.

We’ve been talking about a number of methods for training our little Stella, but the focus of the work has been on potty training.  She seems to get that she’s supposed to go outside by now.  She also seems to want to hold it for when we let her out.  That said, she’s still having issues with letting us know.

We’ve decided to teach her to use a bell that is attached to the door and we’re finding a little success.  I still think it’s a coincidence right now and that she’s really ringing the bell just for fun.  Let me tell you though, there’s nothing more exciting than watching your puppy poop after she uses the tools to let you know.

Potty training is tiring, but trust me, it’s rewarding.  If anyone has any tricks of the trade, let me know about ’em because I’m actually enjoying this.


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