Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

7 Mar

Okay, I am known to be a bit of a shoe horse. I *may* have winter and summer shoe wardrobes that have to be switched out as seasons change because my closet can only hold 30 pair at a time.

So, sometimes, I impulsively buy shoes.

When the GTB and I were in San Francisco, shopping on Union Square, I found a fantastic pair of shoes at Zara. They were ivory patent leather with a nice wrapped heel and peep toe. The GTB liked them, but then he MADE me buy them when he accidentally dropped them on the escalator and gave them a small scratch (why he was so adament about me buying damaged shoes, I’ll never know). He felt certain that he’d bring them to a cobbler and get them buffed.

Then, the GTB and I were shopping in downtown Minneapolis and fell upon a fantastic pair of Salvatore Ferragamo shoes that couldn’t be passed up — silky, butterly leather, stacked heel, cute bow design at the toe. We thought they’d match the accent color on the dress-to-be well, but it turned out they didn’t.

So now, I have 2 pair of “wedding” shoes… and I still haven’t found the perfect pair! How many pairs did you buy before getting married?


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