Wedding Hair Awesome-ness

8 Mar

I lurk on Etsy all the time. Today, I was looking for some sort of hair clip to hold my hair up without putting it into a pony tail (oh the trials of having long-ish hair).

I found this totally amazing seller on there. Boring Sidney sells these amazing hairpieces made with feathers, as well as steampunk wedding hats, veils and more. OMG, I am so, so, so enamoured by her eye for beauty and her crazy-mad creation skills. Her classic beauty items inspire me to push to be more feminine-classic-beauteous in my day-to-day. Sure you can wear a peacock feather hairclip to work… with the right outfit.

Plus, the names are so fab — Flapper Showstopper, Ping and Jing, and the featured image: Burnt 1940s Pin Up Hat, look at that gorgeous antique netting and the feather. Swoon!


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