My Wedding Planner

10 Apr

My wedding planner is a shiny black accordian folder-on handles by Russel + Hazel.

I’ve got 15.5 months left to plan this wedding and I feel very confident.

Decided on decor? Check
Decided on my wardrobe? Check
Chose favors/invitations/bridesmaid dress/flower girl dress/flowers/location? Check

We still have to find a band, decide on a caterer and bakery and figure out what we want to do about liquor (hire a service or purchase the liquor ourselves), but I am already bored.

What is that most brides stress about? Why do so many women get a wedding planner?

Perhaps I am approaching this whole wedding wrong… perhaps I am too laid back, too organized, too much of a researcher. Maybe I’ll freak out later, but at this point… my biggest worry is that we’ll finish everything too soon and just have to sit in anticipation.


One Response to “My Wedding Planner”

  1. mariamagdalenna April 10, 2008 at 7:10 am #

    then why didn’t you plan your wedding earlier??? i decided i want to marry and in 3 weeks i was 🙂
    and it was a succesful wedding, everybody had great fun

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