I May Have Strayed

23 Apr

I feel so guilty.

I have been enamoured with I Do & Baby Too for months, and totally planned to get my dress there. Until I went to Macy’s Bridal Sample Sale (THAT experience is coming in a future post).

I found an awesome Vera Wang gown for a deal. Its what I would call “beyond snug” but I figure I can get some exercise, have some alterations done, get it cleaned (and boy, after sitting at that sample sale and everything before it, it certainly needs it). Or maybe I won’t wear it. Who knows. I could end up as a 3-dress bride.

Anyway, now I have to figure out how to tell the AMAZING Kimberly that I will probably not get my dress from her shop (but I will, of course, get my purse, a hairpiece, probably some jewelry from her). I adore that woman and feel terrible that I found a different dress elsewhere. But I guess that happens.

Want to see the dress? I can’t show you, but I can let you see that the top is similar to the attached image (without the brooch and with a less shimmery material — so not TOTALLY like it, but similar design — I can’t give it all away).


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