I'm Cheap, So What

26 May

In the pursuit of decent wedding flowers, I have stumbled upon Costco. Bulk, cheap, yadda yadda.

Before that, I was thrilled with a local florist who offered to do centerpieces of ranunculus (about 12 flowers per arrangement) for $35 each. The original bid I’d gotten from another florist was more like $55/table.

Soooo, I go onto the Costco page because we’re dorks and have a membership. I found 150 stems of ranunculus for… $130 each! Woo hoo! So I can do all my tables for under $300 (excluding vases, which I am crafting up).

So, that shaves several hundred from our budget AND I get to be crafty at the same time. Sweet.


One Response to “I'm Cheap, So What”

  1. Judy May 31, 2008 at 2:49 am #

    I found a whole sale florist site that you might like to check out with comparable pricing ther ranuculus run 150 stems for $90 . I have used their flowers for making wedding bouquets and was very happy.The site is http://theflowerexchange.com
    I too am always on the lookout for the best prices I can find for arrangements.With the cost of flowers these days, one has to watch the ol’ pocket book.

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