Love Alterations!

13 Jun

I took my dress in for alterations. Before taking it in, I asked around on prices.

I had a laundry list of alterations:
1. remove attached sashes (SO long, so not me!)
2. reinforce 2 spots inside the dress where boning seemed to be planning an escape (it was a sample Vera Wang — I’d be kidding myself to think it wouldn’t need something fixed.
3. bustle the dress
4. well… lets just say that I bought a Vera Wang 10, which is closer to a street 6. And, I am closer to a street 10 or so. So, I packed myself into the dress, knowing that taking a dress out is VERY expensive and can leave yucky results.

The lady, Edie, who has done alterations for 3 prom dresses and 2 bridesmaid dresses (the one I didn’t take to them was the one that ended up having a broken zipper — thanks naughty bridal shop). Anyway, Edie measures me, checks the dress out, etc.

And gives me the quote.

Now, let me tell you that the over-the-phone estimates I had gotten so far were in the $180 – $350 range. Manageable, but not favorable.

Edie’s quote? Easily under $100 with money left over. My jaw fell when she told me the actual price, and she was like, “Oh, if that’s too high…”

The best part, I’ve seen her work many times and REALLY trust her.

So… crossing my fingers, but expecting the best!

Find out where –

The Sewing Basket
146 Main Street
Hutchinson, MN 55350
(320) 587-6511

Okay, so its a 60 minute drive, but if you’re up for a roadtrip, its totally worth it.


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