My Blog Obsession

11 Nov

I used to be a Weddingbee junky. I was constantly checking up on my favorite bees and their adventures, DIY activities and the message boards. With the purchase of Weddingbee by eHarmony, I’ve noticed a change. The bees aren’t blogging as much, and they’re doing these weird sponsored things (Hello — The Secret Life of Bees?! — great book, but having all the bees share a “secret” was a bit forced).

I still go to my usual favorites, but I’ve also settled in with a fantastic blog that never lets me down, fills my mind (and folders) with inspiration and manages a certain grace and style that’s hard to find online. Right now, I am professing my love for Southern Wedding’s blog. Sigh. Love it!


One Response to “My Blog Obsession”

  1. Bob November 11, 2008 at 3:05 pm #

    I’m sorry that we didn’t make this more clear, but the “Secret Life of Bees” posts aren’t “sponsored posts”. Bee just thought it’d be a cute way for readers to get the know the bees a little bit.

    The only connection to the movie is a pun…

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