Back and Forth, and Again, and Again

24 Nov

We started with a venue in Stillwater, MN — a beautiful courthouse with the perfect spot for a ceremony, to boot. We changed our mind and decided to find a space closer to the metropolitan area of the Twin Cities.

We the put a deposit down on a restaurant with an awesome space, hardwood floors, great lighting, a view of downtown and a private patio.

Then R & I freaked at the potential cost as we juggled a new house with a soon-to-happen kitchen remodel (the kitchen is… okay — but the 1958 cabinets, aqua oven and scratched to he## parquet floors would have to go), a largish loss on the recently sold house and all our other obligations.

We began to plan an at-home reception. Then, I began to freak about the rental costs — $750 for a tent, before installation and delivery fees?! $500 for tables and chairs — with UGLY chairs? Plates, forks, serving platters, glasses, buckets to put drinks into and additional homeowner insurance to cover potential drunk drivers (hello! We know our friends, there’s no way to avoid that extra policy), bartenders, servers and cleaning people/lawn people? Suddenly our perfect little home reception became a money-sucking nightmare, and the worst part was that there was NO GUARANTEE that our home would even be ready in time.

So… we were banking on a POTENTIALLY complete home… Hmmm. Not so much.

R finally put his foot down and said, “you’re already super-stressed – and I don’t know if the home will be done in time for the wedding. Maybe we should just have it at S.”

Sigh, as much as I didn’t want to admit defeat, he’s right.

Because I can imagine ME in the month before our wedding, if the home isn’t done…. (enter awful dream sequence)…

“Are you F$&#*ing kidding me?! You’re watching TV?! Get your a$$ upstairs and paint that wall!”


“Those MF$*&#(# better not EVER run into me, because this outlet doesn’t work. How am I supposed to turn this F%&*$( light on?”

Cue the tears.

He’s right. I’m so laid back about a lot of wedding decisions, but if I had to host a reception at a partially completed house, I’d not only be miserable, I’d spend the entire reception explaining to guests why said construction snafu wasn’t complete.

I can’t do that. This day simply needs me to enjoy it, which is why I have to begrudgingly place it into the hands of the event coordinator at S and just enjoy.

The strange thing is, even though I’m bummed out, I also feel as though a 500 pound weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

This sigh is a sigh of happiness.


One Response to “Back and Forth, and Again, and Again”

  1. fleurina November 26, 2008 at 10:57 am #

    So ironic, I went through the same thing planning my wedding! I decided an at home wedding with off the charts rental fees and potential headaches, wasn’t worth the agony… Plus, honestly, I was concerned about the bathroom situation of all things. My parents didn’t want drunken guests traipsing through the house and insisted on renting port-a-potties. Classy, right?!

    Anyway, no matter where you host your wedding I’m sure it will be unbelievably beautiful 🙂

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