Impossible to Find a Wedding Band

22 Dec

GTB and I decided to look at wedding bands yesterday, to see what works for each of us and sign off on this task.

He tried on about 15 rings, with no clear winner. We know he wants a simple but not plain band with no yellow gold. That should be easy enough.

Then we went on to try to find a ring that works with my e-ring. I started with the band I’d envisioned I’d wear — a basic 3mm comfort fit band, and… it looked TINY next to my ring. Sigh.

I upgraded to the 4mm, same thing. My e-ring (and diamonds) looked ginormous next to that small band of gold.

I guess you just don’t notice how substantial something is until you compare it to something similar.

The woman helping me set off to find something more “fancy” (her words, not mine). She came back a few minutes later, shaking her head.

“I’m so sorry,” she said “your ring is just too fancy for anything we have.”

I felt discouraged and giddy at the same time. And developed a fresh round of admiration for my GTB and the gorgeous ring that he gave me 9 months ago.


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