My First Bridal Meltdown

10 Feb

I never thought I’d have a meltdown over something so silly…

I have an appointment this weekend at a letterpress studio, to work on my invitations. Several weeks ago, I brought my 22×30″ sheets of Crane Lettra to a local copy shop and trimmed them down to size, by hand (since they didn’t have the means to cut something so large.

Well, today, I went to see how one of the sheets fits into my envelopes and realized that they were way too small. Like, 1/2 an inch on each edge.

And I started to cry. A lot. About paper.

When I was midway through my meltdown, R asked me what was going on. I was like, “I cu cu cut the paper too small.” I couldn’t believe I’d make such a foolish mistake!

Well, after calming down, I searched for the remaining sheets to see if I needed to order another $90 box of paper, and found that I still have 9 of the 20 sheets… and I’ve already cut my response cards (the right size!!!).

Sigh, meltdown has ended, disaster was narrowly avoided.


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