At Least There's an Option for Pregnant Brides

28 Feb

It’s rare that a woman would plan to be pregnant on her wedding day, but hey, things happen! It’s refreshing to see that there are several companies that now cater to this niche market and allow brides to wear ivory or white and look and feel as beautiful as brides who aren’t expecting a new addition to the new family.

Here are some lovelies from Maternity Bride and Isabella Oliver.

Jessica by Maternity Bride

Jessica by Maternity Bride

Even Target is getting in on the action!


One Response to “At Least There's an Option for Pregnant Brides”

  1. Coralie March 3, 2009 at 2:30 pm #

    It’s reckoned that at least 20% of women are pregnant as they exchange their vows, so no surprises that maternity wedding dresses are a boom business.
    Crave and Tiffany Rose also have gorgeous gowns for maternity brides and eBay is a great option for the bride in a hurry or on a budget!

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