Macaroons versus macarons

10 Oct

I’m a bit of a wordsmith, so excuse me for this tangent.

Who doesn’t love a macaroon – that sweet filling sandwiched between two light, slightly crispy cookies.

(cue record scratch) – actually, loves, those are macarons.

Macaroons are coconut cookies. Macarons are french sandwich cookies made with almond flour. They’re both delicious (in my opinion).

The confusion has been perpetuated by well known sources calling them by the wrong name. Take this Martha Stewart recipe. Or the fabulous Adour at the St. Regis in Washington D.C.

The benchmark of macarons is the incredible, worth-the-trip, Laduree in France.

These places got it right!

Paulette Macarons

Sweets Bakeshop
Macaron Chicago
Macaron Cafe

Here’s a visual (image 1 = macaron, image 2 = macaroon):

Macaron - image by reducewaste.blogspot.comMacaroon image by

So have macarons at your soiree, or maybe macaroons, or heck, have both!

xoxo McKenzie

Macaron image from, Macaroon image from


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