Tutorial: fluffier, puffier tissue paper poms

12 Nov

I modified the hugely popular Martha Stewart pom tutorial, as well as this darling Once Wed tutorial for pom garlands in an effort to create a more dense, less floppy pom.

You will need:
10 sheets of tissue paper per pom
florist wire (OR rubber bands)
string, bakers twine, thread, yarn, ribbon or tape to hang or attach

bone folder (for crisper folds)
scissor (if you want to ruffle the edges)
ruler (if you want consistent folds, I just rely on my eyes)

Start with 5 sheets of paper stacked. Start folding 1″ – 1.5″ inch accordian files along the long side of the paper (I used Target 20 packs).


So, you’ll have the shorter edge in front of you and fold accordian folds from the long edge. Set aside once folded. Repeat with another 5 sheets.


Stack accordian-folded stacks together


and secure with floral wire , twisting close to the tissue paper. Alternately, you could securely attach a rubber band in the center (in place of the floral wire).


Separate out one of the 4 sections…


and start fanning out the sheets gently.



Pay close attention to getting them fanned near the base too.


Continue with the other 3 accordian-folded sections.



Once done, puff and fluff.




For more of a mum look, cut the tip of the accordian folds with 2 snips to give it a “sharper” edge. ( make the snips meet at a point like a triangle edge). Or, cut a curve for more variation!


xoxo McKenzie


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