Tutorial: easy printed favor bags

15 Nov

I whipped up these favor bags in no time. They’re inexpensive, easy, and a great way for guests to take home some sweets!

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Buy some simple white paper food bags. Uline has a great selection, but they come in huge orders. Consider Etsy or other food suppliers. Or, call a few local bakeries or sweet shops and ask if you can buy them from them. They shouldn’t cost more than $.15 each bag!

Create or find a graphic – I found mine here. Then I manipulated it a little to create this:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Since I saved the image in photoshop, I rotated it (very important) for printing purposes. Find my matryoshka file here.

Once you have your image, print it once.

Align the treat bag on the printed page, to get the image just right.


Now, the reason the image is saved upside down has a lot to do with how the printer works. Mine prints from top to bottom of a traditional document. Had I printed the bags this way (with the top being pritned first), there’d be ALL SORTS of issues with snagging, tearing and jamming. The bottom of the bag is sealed and feeds much more cleanly into the printer.

So, once you’re satisfied with how the bag and image line up, trace the bag shape on the paper. I traced the corners, to make lining it up a snap.


Then tape the bag to your page. Make sure all corners are taped down and there are no weird folds or lumps.


Run the bag-taped-to-the-paper through your printer (bottom-side running through first!!!). if you’re satisfied with the placement, remove the bag, tape the next bag to your sheet, and run it through again.

If you’re not, keep trying until you get it.

Once you’re satisfied, align, tape, print, remove, repeat.


Important: our printer worked well for this task. Some won’t. Those that apply ink and heat it will often do well. Only YOU know your printer. You are taking a risk by trying this. I’m not responsible for your printer or outcome if this method is not compatible with your printer!

xoxo McKenzie


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