Problem solved: how much alcohol do I buy for my party? open bar version

22 Nov

Imagine this: Your party is in full-swing, the music has everyone in good cheer, the hors de ouvres are delicious and the drinks are flowing freely, until the alcohol runs out – mostly like 15 minutes after the liquor stores close. What do you do?

Plan ahead!

It can be difficult to anticipate the amount of alcohol needed for an event. Especially when considering number of guests, and the amount each guest may drink. Add the amount of time your guests stay at your soiree, and you’ve got a formula for confusion.

Evite offers a drink calculator, but the results are very vague.
USA Bride offers some guidance on planning for 100 guests, but what if you’re only host 20 or 30 for your party?

There are 2 choices for you. Personally, I recommend option 2, but if you want to do option 1, more power to you!

Option 1: offer beer, wine, soda and a variety of cocktails
* pro: variety, con: cost
Option 2: offer beer, wine and a signature cocktail
* pros: cost, supply efficiencies, guests can likely find something to drink | con: less variety for picky guests

Full service bar for a 3-4 hour party (plan on having some leftover liquor)
4 Total Cases
* 2 Imported or specialty cases (examples include Newcastle, Anchor Steam, Guinness)
* 2 Light cases (Miller Lite, Bud Light, etc)

18 bottles
* 10 bottles Chardonnay
* 2 bottles white zinfandel
* 6 bottles Merlot or Cabernet

Hard liquor
* 2 liters vodka
* 1 liter gin
* 2 liters rum
* 1 liters scotch
* 1 liters bourbon
* 750ml vermouth
* 1 liters kahlua

Mixers and Non-alcoholic drinks
Soda: 4 cases
* 1 case cola
* 2 cases diet cola
* 1 case lime soda
cream (if offering full bar)
soda water
cranberry juice
orange juice
* lemons
* limes
* green olives
* cherries

Option 2 (wine, beer and signature cocktail) will be posted tomorrow!

xoxo McKenzie


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