Problem solved: how much alcohol do I buy for my party? signature cocktail version

23 Nov

We covered how much alcohol you should have on hand for a party of 25-30 guests in yesterday’s post. Now, let’s look at how much you’ll need if you plan to offer beer, wine and a signature cocktail. Remember, we’re planning for a 3-4 hour party. Adjust accordingly if your party is to be longer or shorter than that timeframe.

3 cases domestic/craft beer (examples: Newcastle, Anchor Steam, local brews, Guinness, Heineken)
2 cases light beer

20 bottles
4 bottles white zinfandel
9 bottles white (chardonnay and/or sauvignon blanc)
7 bottles red (cabernet, merlot or shiraz)

Signature cocktail:
3 liters of alcohol plus mixers and garnishes as needed

Misc: make sure to have non-alcoholic selections as well, including soda, coffee and water

While you may not have your buddy Mike’s favorite drink, (say gin and tonic), he’ll be sure to be happy with at least one of the choices you offer.


xoxo McKenzie


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