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Target Shows its Hipster Side

12 Jun

Target never ceases to amaze me. I triple heart this store. A lot.

One of the reasons I love it even more than I should is their Red Hot Shop.

The Red Hot Shop is a collaboration with Daily Candy (loves) – and it offers monthly updated quirky/cool items — like a letterpress tooth fairy kit or this all-sorts-of-awesome octopus wall hook.


I’ve found jewelry, paper-making kits, cool baby gear and beau-t-ous clothes or shoes.

Of course these items sell out, almost every month, so make sure you remember to check out the shop in the beginning of the month!


Design Help for the Graphically Stunted

24 Feb

A designer, I am not. Yet, I love creating stuff in PhotoShop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc.

I still haven’t gotten the hang of live trace or vectorizing stuff on my computer, so I use a brilliant cheat.

I needed a vector image for my letterpress printing plates, and I was somewhat horrified at the aspect of me trying to figure out HOW to make it look good and not waste 73 hours working on it (my learning curve is… steep on these programs).

I stumbled onto Vector Magic one day, and I have to got to say that I use it frequently. All you do is upload your image, tweak the settings (super easy!), choose the colors you want (you can use the colors pre-selected by the program, or your own), and vectorize it. Usually, I mess with it to create a few different versions before I download the final product.

If you’re designing your own invites and using a photo or other piece of art, it’s truly a godsend.

Here’s my path to vectorized tree for my wedding invitations:

The original photo — I purchased this stock image online.
Post-PhotoShop (trimmed it down, removed background) — don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be “perfect”

Believe me, I know I’m not even sub-par at this… but I’m satisfied with the results, and that’s what really matter 😉

Stay tuned… you might even see our wedding invitations with this tree in action 🙂

Impossible to Find a Wedding Band

22 Dec

GTB and I decided to look at wedding bands yesterday, to see what works for each of us and sign off on this task.

He tried on about 15 rings, with no clear winner. We know he wants a simple but not plain band with no yellow gold. That should be easy enough.

Then we went on to try to find a ring that works with my e-ring. I started with the band I’d envisioned I’d wear — a basic 3mm comfort fit band, and… it looked TINY next to my ring. Sigh.

I upgraded to the 4mm, same thing. My e-ring (and diamonds) looked ginormous next to that small band of gold.

I guess you just don’t notice how substantial something is until you compare it to something similar.

The woman helping me set off to find something more “fancy” (her words, not mine). She came back a few minutes later, shaking her head.

“I’m so sorry,” she said “your ring is just too fancy for anything we have.”

I felt discouraged and giddy at the same time. And developed a fresh round of admiration for my GTB and the gorgeous ring that he gave me 9 months ago.

My Name is Kenzie, and I'm a Gift Wrap Addict

11 Oct

I have a confession to make. I’ve kept it hidden for a long, long time, but I must bring it out into the open.

I have an addiction to gift wrap and ribbons. It started innocently enough, one day at Papyrus. I discovered thick gift wrap. It was luxurious, it lent a crisp fold and it looked stunning when carefully wrapped around a gift.

I bought a roll of paper, figuring I’d wrap a gift with it. I used some of the paper while wrapping a birthday gift for a dear friend, and received a simple compliment, “Oh wow, this gift is almost too pretty to unwrap.”

Soon thereafter, I began to buy nicer ribbon, grosgrain, satin, even double-sided satin, in an attempt to make my lovingly purchased gifts show the care I put into them, before they were even opened.

Not long after I started investing in quality ribbons, did I notice that people really DO notice. They’d comment at birthday parties, weddings and baby showers, “Oh, that gift must be from Kenzie, it’s beautiful.”

Now, I cannot stop.

I realized today that I have a problem. In the last month, I ordered 6 sheets from a high-end store, purchased 2 more on Wednesday and then acquired another 5 rolls today. My collection is made of Snow and Graham, Wooster and Prince, Paper Source and others like them. On top of that, I’ve purchased 6 rolls of satin ribbon.

The GTB just rolled his eyes and laughingly told me that he wouldn’t have gotten serious with me if he’d known about my “sickness.”

The top photo is my rolls of gift wrap (and our cute Frenchies — Louis and Lola) — the sad thing is that 4 of those rolls are made of multiple sheets of different patterns — to save space. The bottom photo is my “collection” of ribbons, to be used on future gifts.

At least I haven’t color-coordinated them… yet.

I Heart The Future Mrs. Darcy

10 Oct

I am in… shock, awe, love, amazement. I love The Future Mrs. Darcy.

Creative, fun invitations…. check
Classy, stylish invitations…. check
Amazing color combinations… check
Quirky, fun suites named after movie (and historical) couples… check
Wedding card suites that are amazingly awesome with cool maps… check

Tell me these aren’t amazing! I am stuck on this map from the Sloane and Ferris suite (Bueller!) and this incredible Adam and Eve set (the detail on the leaves is exactly what I was looking for, but couldn’t find before now).

Wouldn’t your guests love to receive these? Lovingly designed and created invitations that aren’t just inviting them to THE SOCIAL EVENT OF THE YEAR, but also mini works of art on their own. Honey, these aren’t your run-of-the-mill, throw-in-the-trash invitations (I’d show you what those look like, but I’ve, ahem, thrown them in the trash)!

I cannot tear my eyes away.

Check out the site, and don’t forget to visit the Jim and Pam invitations — perfect if you and your sweetheart met at The Office.

Wedding Weight Loss Tips

6 Aug

Okay, this is completely hilarious, even if I am in the majority who do plan to get more fit before my wedding day.

The Cupcake Incident

15 Jun

The GTB and I headed into Letterbox stationary shop to see if they had a certain flavor of cupcake.

(backstory: we’re catering our cake — or cupcakes to be exact — for our wedding with Miel y Leche. We adore Sheela, she’s funny and kind and innovative and willing to go the extra mile to make sure our wedding cupcakes — and display — are nothing short of amazing. We had decided on three flavors, but there’s one left to choose. We just HAVE to try that flavor before we sign on the dotted line. Of course it wasn’t one of the flavors available, so we decided to try 3 other flavors, for fun. The chocolate raspberry is AMAZING. Strawberry coconut is light and delicious. Cherry almond is, as we expected tasty.)

As we stood in line to pay, 2 women in their mid-to-late 60s (clearly from one of the more affluent suburbs, based on the amount of jewelry, designer duds and perfectly coifed hair) were commenting on the cupcakes. One of the women reached her hand out and actually touched one of the cupcakes. If she didn’t walk away with frosting on her finger, I’d be shocked.

This is when the woman working (I’m going to assume it was the owner, Kimberley, though I’ve never actually met her) was like, “Hey, lady, come back here. I can’t sell that cupcake now that you’ve paid for it.”

Older woman #1 (I’ll refrain from the word lady) – “I’ll pay for 1/2 of it and we can share.”

Older woman #2 – glances back and walks away.

Older woman #1 – follows her

Kimberley (I think) – chases them out of the store – “Lady – get back here! You just ruined this cupcake.”

It escalated. I was thinking (hoping) that that stupid older lady would have a cupcake thrown at her head, but it never happened.

Moral of the story: Letterbox is not only awesome, but people who mess with them don’t escape unscathed. This is a business at which I actually want to spend my money!

(image from Cupcake Takes The Cake

How To Propose (2)

5 Mar

Well, since the “big plan” for the proposal didn’t work (and I WISH I didn’t know that he’d planned and asked about it), now I get back to waiting… sadly.

On top of that, I am supposed to forget about it (how!?) and refrain from talking about it. So I will try.

Here’s a fun proposal that couldn’t have happened without help from the cast of Scrubs (the BTB works on the set).

I Hope The GTB Never Feels This Way

26 Feb

The Man Cold

24 Feb

Okay, I am lame. I am LOVING this Man Stroke Woman Series from the BBC.

This video just shows the difference between men and women when they’re feeling under the weather.

Women go to work and live their lives as usual… guys, well….