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More Cool DIY Coming Soon

11 May

I’m sorry I’ve been so absent. We’ve had a whirlwind last 10 days. Our venue surprised us with some information pertaining to double booking for our date, and also changed their liquor policies between April 24 and April 30. The prices tripled in 1 week! And, the policies changed, and we weren’t willing to make major sacrifices in order to appeal to their new situation (and couldn’t anyway).

On top of that, we’ve been preparing our new home (we closed on it on Halloween, have put a lot of work into it, worked with a contractor on a major remodel, and now need to prepare it for a family brunch on Sunday!).

To give you an idea, we’ve got 14 bags of yard waste (leaves, grass, sticks, branches, etc) waiting for the trash man on Wednesday.

In the last week, R painted and installed new closet doors in the entry, painted the exterior of our addition, and other projects, all while doing some very important work on our cardbox and cupcake stands (info coming soon!). We’ve been cleaning like crazy, because if we just leave the cleaning ladies to do everything, they’ll be here for about 6 hours (we’re tidy, but a major remodel = major dust!).

So, I promise a DIY project — probably tomorrow. And some decor DIY, and a sneak peak at our favors, and then we’ll be married (in 5 days!).


More Drama from our Remodeling Contractor

6 Mar

It has NOT been a treat working on our remodel. Our contractor frequently changes his story (first: “yea, we can do that,” second: “well, we never discussed that, but I guess we can do that, you’ll have to pay for supplies” third: “I’m going to need you to pay $500 labor for that.”

Lesson learned: get everything in writing. We try, we really do, but if we were to actually do that on this project for every promise, we’d probably not even have the framing done!

So, here’s the latest bit of annoyance: we found the lights we wanted and asked him to order them for us (there was a $600+ line item in the remodel budget for lighting). We found lights that came to $578 for 3 pendants and an over-table light. We gave him all the information about the lights, and he said that his girlfriend would order them for us. After 2 weeks of waiting, R checks on them, and the contract says that they have been ordered by girlfriend. 2 more weeks pass, R asks about the lights, and contractor says, “I dropped the ball on that, I’ll order them now” (this is after he asked US to pay for them, and for that line item to disappear from the contract). Another 10 days pass (to today) and R and contractor have ANOTHER discussion about the lights, and contract says that he ordered them, but that the fixtures will be in sooner than the shades, and that they should be installed shortly.

I decide to call the lighting store to verify that they have indeed been ordered, and *surprise* — there has not been a single order placed under his name or ours.

The store also told me that it’d all arrive at the same time, not as fixtures first, shades later (like liar contractor told us). So I wonder if he was planing a switcheroo with some less expensive lights, hoping we wouldn’t notice?

R said that he’ll need to see the receipt before any installation happens, thank goodness, but aside from that, what should we do?

Seriously… this is getting so old.

p.s. live in the twin cities or western Wisconsin and want to avoid this awful contractor? Please send me a message, and I’ll send you his contact information.

Living The Sweet Life

29 Feb

All I could think of the moment I put in notice at my old job was getting some time off without work nagging in the back of my mind. I was obsessed with a week at home with the pup and the BTB.

I had a whole list of things I was going to do…

*Watch a few movies

*Catch a few college basketball games

*Spend some QT with the BTB and the puppy

*Catch up with a few people

Now, the week has come and, for the most part, gone. I’ve managed to get in a half a basketball game, watch *A* movie and have found a new job. I’ve managed to spent lots of time playing with and training the pup (on a side note, you should see our little girl ring a bell to tell us when she has to pee. I’m a proud papa indeed.).

I’ve also spent time filling requests for my lovely bride-to-be. I’ve grocery shopped, painted a closet and “gotten organized.”

Transitioning from the life of a bachelor to the life of a (more or less) married man isn’t going to be easy. Where did this week go???

How Have Things Changed?

28 Feb

My coworker asked how life has changed since the GTB came home for good and we’ve officially been living together.

I thought for a moment…. Well, I’ve been cleaning, organizing and generally being busy. He’s made dinner a few times (thanks babe!) and has been watching tv.

Old habits die hard.

The poor guy — its not his fault I am overly tidy (and thus, *slightly* naggy) and he is used to living like a 21 year old.

Welcome To The Neighborhood

18 Feb

Apparently, as we returned from the bar last night (before midnight! sad, I know!), we left the garage door open. This morning, as we were bringing the pup to the groomer, we drove past the garage and noticed it was completely open. Like we hadn’t even closed the overhead door! My heart stopped as I imagined some criminal defacing my new Murano and pedaling off on my bike.

The GTB went into the garage tentatively, opened the car doors and… nothing! The garage sat open for over 8 hours and was blissfully untouched!

My faith in the neighborhood just grew exponentially.

Pack Rat

7 Feb

OK, I admit it. I have a problem. I can’t stop, I can’t control it and I need help. I’m desperate for a 12 step program thatold_dresser.jpg can save me from myself and this addiction.

I love stuff. Lots o’ stuff. Oodles of it.

I don’t know what it is. I see a sturdy box and I think to myself, “Self, now there’s something that’s just plain going to come in handy.” Who knows when I’ll be moving next? Who knows when I’ll have a gift to give that would fit perfectly into a box that size? I’ve got a whole basement now, surely there’s enough space to save this until I find a need for it, right?

I also have a hard time saying good-bye. Call me sentimental, but that dresser I’ve had since before I can remember was a good friend and hurt a little to just throw out in the cold while it waited for someone to claim it from the alley. The poor guy deserved better.

But, she’s moving in and I’ve got to find a way to make her feel welcome.  I also need to make space for her. She’s been amazing about downsizing the amount of stuff she has so it’s only fair that I do the same.

So, goodbye, old friend. You served my brother and I well throughout the years. You’ll be missed.

The Truck Is A-Rolling

7 Feb

moving.jpgAs a couple, the GTB and I have “on the move” stamped all over us.

He is changing jobs! Woo hoo! Moving out of his California apartment and actually starting to spend more than a few nights a week in the fine state of Minnesota.

I have been packing, and organizing, and throwing out (hello 4 box/9 grocery bag/4 trash bag load to Goodwill). I’ve managed to get rid of about 1/3 of my wardrobe and 6 pair of shoes — no small feat for me! I really deserve a metal for that.

The GTB has also been purging his “keeper” lifestyle. He had 5 bags of trash that he hauled out of his basement. To be fair — much of that was broken down boxes, and some paper from his college years.

This Saturday is my moving day, that awesome, horrifying, fantastic experience that I’ll get to share with two strong men from Local Motion (which, by the way, is WAAAAAAAAAAAAY less expensive than 2 Men and Truck).

Good bye Saint Louis Park, hello South Minneapolis!

Moving In Together

4 Feb

I have never lived with a boyfriend before.

And now, here I am, packing up boxes, labeling them and preparing for their ultimate move into the GTB’s house. Its scary! Exciting! And a lot of work!

Talk about a busy and completely blah weekend! We spent Friday night cleaning the guest room and meeting photographers.

Saturday, we cleaned the guest room and tackled the basement and met two other photographers. I must let you know that he gathered 5 bags of trash! I swept the basement floor and it was grody! Dusty, musty and all kinds of gross.

Sunday I made breakfast, lunch and dinner (which is a major change, he’s the better cook so he does the bulk of the cooking) while he moved stuff into storage and cleaned even more. We went to a friends’ Super Bowl party but we were both ticking through the lists of things that had to get done, mildly oblivious to the game.

Sigh — who knew moving in together could be so much work. The worst part is, the movers haven’t even started. Double sigh.

A Giant Leap For Me

1 Feb

I’ve never lived with a boyfriend. I’ve lived with my parents and sisters. I’ve had roommates that ranged from a fun-crafty, like-minded roommate from Craigslist (one of my top 2!) to a feline obsessed kook who literally thought I turned her cat against her and who would watch me while I slept. I’ve never lived with a guy outside of my family — unless you could those 2 months a girlfriend and I shared a room in a houseful of guys in college — ick, what a mess that was. That doesn’t count because I was sleeping on a bunkbed.

So… we’ve booked the moving company. On Feb. 9, my bed, undies, shoes (shoes & shoes), and every little knick knack I own will be carted off to the GTB’s house.

And… I’m not nervous and I’m not scared, but I am… hmmm, experiencing a bit of anxiety. I mean — this is HUGE for me.

Is this normal?

Its the first step in our journey to a life together. Suddenly, its all so real.