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My DIY Cake Stands

10 Oct

I really wanted dramatic cake stands that:
a. didn’t break the bank
b. looked fantastic

I needed 5 and set my budget at under $60 for the whole bunch – virtually impossible, right?


We purchased 5 wooden discs – 1-12″ and 4-10″ – from our local home improvement store. Each cost about $5.

Then we found fence post caps – to serve as the bases. Each cost about $1.20

For the rise, we chose 12″ high carved decorative fence posts – they looked like miniature stair spindles – each costing about $.97.

We grabbed some 1 1/2 inch screws and just screwed the disc to one end of the spindle and screwed the fence post cap to the other end. Once this 5 minute task was completed, we hauled them outside and spray painted them our desired color (ivory).

2 coats later, they were done!

Since we were planning to place food (cake & cupcakes) onto the discs, and they’d been spray painted, I trimmed out some discs of paper to match the card box and guest book.

The final product took under an hour to make, and cost about $42 to make them all (the spray paint added about $6 in cost).

Oh, don’t mind the stupid carrots on our cake, our ridiculous caterer (Miel y Leche) decided to “surprise” us with them. Ugh. at least the cake was delicious.


Want more info/tutorial photos? Comment with interest. I’d be happy to recreate and photograph the process.


My Just Desserts

13 Feb

I’ve scoured the web and several retailers looking for the perfect cake stands. And… I keep going back to my first love. Clara French cake stands are lovely, ceramic (ceramique) footed plates that are simply gorgeous.

Choose from a number of glazes to match your event, and… prepare yourself for the most lovely cake on top of the most lovely cake stand. Your only concern will be whether the cake stand steals all the attention!


I know I’ve mentioned these before, but… they still take my breath away.

If the site is being wonky for you (as it is for me), email Micaela at


Beautiful Bird Cake Topper

4 Feb

I promise I won’t show you an Ann Woods bird (they are SOOO lovely, but beyond my cake topper price range) in this small gathering of adorable cake toppers.

Here are some of my very favorites, right now. design_sponge

This handsome pair was discovered on Design*Sponge — and comes with a tutorial!


I stalked this pair of cuties online for months, preparing myself to buy them (I even got approval from the FI), only to have someone else buy them. Sigh. But, the lovely designer will custom make a pair for you with your colors, choice of fabrics, etc. Check out Cornflake Girl’s Etsy store.

mojomble1 This little cutie is so darling, and inexpensive. Find it at Mojomable’s Etsy shop.

A cute, ceramic pair of birds and nest that can chill on your bookshelf after the wedding! This pair comes from RedLightStudio on Etsy.

Here’s the darling duo that will probably grace our cake (also with the blessing of the Mr!) emilie_friday This pair is so freaking cute and lovey, it makes me feel giddy! Birds from emilie friday’s Etsy shop!

And just for fun, how cute and lively is this little bird from Soduel’s Etsy shop? soduel1

Cooler Than Your Average Cake Topper

11 Aug

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