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We're In a Magazine!

2 Nov

One of our photos was chosen to be used in an article featuring our wedding photography. It’s an international magazine – based in Bulgaria. Apparently it’s like the Bulgarian version of Marie Claire or Glamour. At any rate… I consider it a big “yay!”

Here’s the pic –

Here’s the link –

Stay tuned to see another photo from our wedding published (this spring). This time, in a well-known U.S. magazine.

Details: The Centerpieces

22 Sep

The centerpieces were simple, exactly what I wanted. I purchased 60 old blue Ball quart jars on Craigslist. The day before the wedding, my sister and I purchased 12 bouquets of flowers from Trader Joe’s.

We paired them with tealights and a mixture of bamboo table runners and polka dotted runners. My awesome aunt Vivian sewed the runners and arranged the flowers.




The results: bright, cheery and perfectly matched for our casual spring wedding.

All photos taken by Laura Ivanova – and cannot be reproduced or used, on the web or otherwise, without permission.

DIY Bouts & Corsages

10 Sep

Our budget was not huge. And I felt that I wanted to DIY as much as I could, even though I find myself to be my greatest critic when I do.

My dear friend Michelle and I tackled the bouts and corsages on the night before the wedding. What were we thinking? I have no idea.

Anyway, take a peak at our handiwork – our quirky/fun corsages and bouts!

R's bout

R's bout

groomsman & father bout

groomsman & father bout

Moms' corsage

Moms' corsage

We used ranunculus for R’s bout, and spider mums with greenery and filler for everyone else. It took us about 1 hour to do 5 bouts and 7 corsages. Not too shabby. We just used loose flowers pulled from the centerpieces, some floral tape, floral wire, floral pins and green grosgrain ribbon. The cost for supplies (minus flowers) was about $12. Nice.

We used this tutorial as our guide.

$60,000 Wedding Giveaway in Minneapolis

23 Jun

If you haven’t heard, The Guthrie has teamed up with some of the top local businesses to give away a $60,000 Dream Wedding in honor of the show “When We Are Married.”


All you need to do is submit a 3-5 minute video explaining why you and your fiancée want to be married at the Guthrie. Videos must be submitted by June 30, 2009 (so hurry!). The wedding will take place on August 16, 2009.

Some of the businesses contributing to this fabulous prize include:

the Guthrie
Dowling Studio
L’atelier Couture
Savii Formalwear
and more.

Also included is a fabulous 7 night/8 day honeymoon at the Radisson St Martin Resort, Marina & Spa, which includes airfare (make sure your passport is current).

Get cracking on that video and submit it! For more details, click here.

Vendor Review – The Florist

28 May

Vendor grade: A

I didn’t want to spend a lot on flowers. Though I love them, and love the look of them, photography was really our “one thing” that was most important. As items and changes were made to the budget, the floral budget shrunk.

I worried that I wouldn’t be able to find a great (smallish) bouquet at a decent price. My maids didn’t need bouquets because we planned to give them clutch bags that they could carry down the aisle — so my bouquet was our largest concern.

I knew I wanted ranunculus — and that pink just HAD to be included.

I found my perfect bouquet and the perfect florist at Chez Bloom.

Laura was fabulous to work with and she supplied me with a lovely bouquet made up of ranunculus (my only “must-have” flower), calla lillies, sweetheart roses and pink fresia. Sigh. The bouquet was perfect. Lovely size, great color and simply amazing.


The price was more than fair for what I received – and I am now slightly regretting not getting bridesmaid bouquets — I bet they would have been incredible.

I highly recommend Chez Bloom and might just have to switch from Bachmann’s to Chez Bloom as my go-to for arrangements.

Wedding Flowers – What to Use as a Vase

17 Apr

We’ve been planning to use my old blue ball jars for our wedding for some time now – but I knew I couldn’t just throw them on the table and hope that they work out.

I put together 2 options — using the same ranunculus bouquet from Trader Joe’s.

Option 1: ranunculus in the blue quart Ball jar. If I go this route, I’m going to have to work with stem lengths, I think I’ll have to trim them down so the heads are closer to the mouth of the jar.


Option 2: I have a bunch of these laying around — I thought they’d look fabulous with a ribbon tied around them, and the flowers. Again, I’d have to play around with the height of the stems before the actual wedding.


Or maybe I should pull them apart and go with a more sparse look, a la Martha Stewart.


Either way, I’ve got to figure it out soon — the wedding is less than 30 days away!

Not Giving Up on Ranunculus

30 Mar

We’ve moved! Check out this post at our new home, and don’t forget to check out our newest giveaway!

I'm Cheap, So What

26 May

In the pursuit of decent wedding flowers, I have stumbled upon Costco. Bulk, cheap, yadda yadda.

Before that, I was thrilled with a local florist who offered to do centerpieces of ranunculus (about 12 flowers per arrangement) for $35 each. The original bid I’d gotten from another florist was more like $55/table.

Soooo, I go onto the Costco page because we’re dorks and have a membership. I found 150 stems of ranunculus for… $130 each! Woo hoo! So I can do all my tables for under $300 (excluding vases, which I am crafting up).

So, that shaves several hundred from our budget AND I get to be crafty at the same time. Sweet.

Cheap & Easy Vases

20 Mar

pom-vase.jpgpom-tea.jpgOkay, we all know that we can rent vases, we can buy vases. Easy peasy. But, I’m a fan of DIY stuff and really actually like getting my hands dirty with a craft, whether its easy or frustrating. So… enter Pom Tea.

This stuff is tough to drink while driving (unless you’re cool spilling on yourself). Heck, its hard to drink while riding as a passenger in a car, walking, or even talking.

But its totally delicious, so I keep buying it (and keep spilling on myself). As a result, I have a bunch of these Pom Tea glasses. And I realized, “damn, these puppies would make sweet vases!” I could tie a little grosgrain ribbon over the logo (which is clear, but somewhat visible) and “voila!” instant vases for the reception tables!

Check out these pics of “before” and “after” — what do you think?

(before photo from Pom Wonderful, after photo from Apartment Therapy)

My Offbeat Wedding

23 Feb

There are so many wedding traditions that just don’t ring true for me. Here are some traditional things that you probably won’t be seeing on my big day.
1. garter toss (I don’t want or need to wear a garter)
2. bouquet toss (eh, doesn’t do much for me)
3. unity candle (we’re not completely decided on this one… but you probably won’t see one at my ceremony)
4. someone singing a song during the ceremony — the GTB has a cousin with a FANTASTIC voice, but we want a short-and-sweet ceremony… so a song may or may not happen
5. wedding march — I don’t need that song
5. receiving line — I like the idea of a champagne toast, but the rl? I’m not sold
6. many bridesmaids — 1 will suffice
7. DJ — we want an acoustic band — lots of Neil Diamond, Simon And Garfunkel, Jack Johnson, etc. Maybe my dad could even pick up his bass and play a few songs
8. $2,000+ worth of flowers — I plan to eek in under $500
9. traditional veil — I may wear a Russian netting blusher that lands above my lips. I will not be wearing a traditional LONG veil, or even one that reaches my shoulders
10. ceremony in a church — we’re planning a 10 minute ceremony, It doesn’t make sense to us to make everyone park there, file in, grab a seat, watch us, file out, drive across town, etc. etc. We’re doing it all in 1 place

If I can’t keeep my mouth shut, I can expect feedback… and I know some of it’ll be negative. Oh well.