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Vintage Fab Headpiece

1 Nov

Feathers & Frills on Etsy has some fantastic bridal headpieces. I love this dramatic rhinestone headband. It’d look spectacular at a traditional ballroom wedding with a simple strapless gown or a slinky 40s-style dress.

Love. It.


The prices are pretty amazing (the style is comparable to what my local Priscilla of Boston carries) and these pieces make me want to get married all over again!

Vendor Review – Hairstylist

11 Jun

Vendor grade: A+++

Maybe it’s not even fair to review my hairstylist, because she is not available to most MN brides, but I will anyway.

Michelle is amazing. She came to my house for my trial and did 2 styles — first, the style I asked for, then a simple chignon so we could compare. We took photos, but we both loved the vintage-y curled style we started with.

On the day of the wedding, she was more than prepared, doing my hair while we chit-chatted, then pulling the bangs to the side so my makeup artist could do her magic. Once my makeup was finished, Michelle set my bangs and shellacked my entire head. The results were stunning.

Even though the day was SO windy, my hair stayed perfectly in place. I received SO many compliments.


I’d be happy to forward her info to you, if you ask via e-mail, but know that she lives in Portland, Oregon and you would need to pay for her airfare and lodging. I wouldn’t have hired anyone but her for this day.

My Wedding Hair Inspiration

13 Mar

I found this gallery online and just fell in love with the hairstyle that one of the brides is wearing. Their fabulous photographer (Closed Circle Photography) actually captured it at several angles, so it shouldn’t be too hard for my stylist (the amazingly fabulous Michelle J.) to replicate (of course with our own little twist).

I have a feeling it’ll look amazing with my modified-birdcage from Myra Kim!


See more photos of this wedding here

Oh Loverly Glamour

13 Mar

myra-kim-twigs-honey.jpgI am really loving the trend toward classic 1940s & 1950s glamour at wedding.

I’ve been obsessively searching the web for the perfect bridal veil that totally fits into those eras and yet isn’t to frou-frou for me to boldly wear.

I *may* have found my perfect headpiece/veil!

Myra Kim’s Twigs & Honey line on Etsy is classy, beautiful, charming and not painfully expensive.

I saw this beauty and loved the classic look. It turns out that she’ll work with me to make something that I really want and love (think tighter blusher, close embellishments, some feathers and raw glamour).

If I can’t make it myself, I am thrilled to work with someone who can make it specifically for me!

Wedding Hair Awesome-ness

8 Mar

I lurk on Etsy all the time. Today, I was looking for some sort of hair clip to hold my hair up without putting it into a pony tail (oh the trials of having long-ish hair).

I found this totally amazing seller on there. Boring Sidney sells these amazing hairpieces made with feathers, as well as steampunk wedding hats, veils and more. OMG, I am so, so, so enamoured by her eye for beauty and her crazy-mad creation skills. Her classic beauty items inspire me to push to be more feminine-classic-beauteous in my day-to-day. Sure you can wear a peacock feather hairclip to work… with the right outfit.

Plus, the names are so fab — Flapper Showstopper, Ping and Jing, and the featured image: Burnt 1940s Pin Up Hat, look at that gorgeous antique netting and the feather. Swoon!

Hair I Am

30 Jan

naugi-sweet-maria-hair-comb.jpgOh, lovely hair. Wedding hairstyling is a major decision. Up? Down? Curled? Straight? Teased? Bangs?

The hair you choose for your wedding can make or break your photos. It can accentuate your dress and face or make a double chin very noticeable.

I’m going with a hairclip/comb by one of two lines. Here’s option two. I dig Naugi. They have a ton of different patterns of hairpins in pearl and rhinestone/crystal.

The coolest thing is that you can alter colors to match your wedding. Choose between gold and silver, eleven different crystals (sapphire, emerald, peridot among others) and can even choose if you want white or cream pearls (or a mix of the two). Cool customization!

Check out this “Sweet Maria” comb (available in 3 different sizes). Simply lovely!

It Takes More Than A Dress

30 Jan

colette-malouf.jpgI believe I found a designer for my hairpin. I am SO digging hairpins right now… from giant blooming blossoms to small pearl and rhinestone trailing vines, I am SO wearing a hairpin on my wedding day.

My wedding hair stylist (I know, too soon!) already has a style in mind for the day.

Now, its a toss up between two companies, here’s the first.

Colette Malouf designs inspired pieces. Currently, she’s featuring this “wow” line of stick-inspired jewelry and fantastic “Kyoto” hairpieces — like pony holders with painted kimono-fabric detailing and fan-shaped combs.
I am enamored with this line in the image (and found a lovely comb that you may see on my wedding day) — cool natural beauty.