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More Drama from our Remodeling Contractor

6 Mar

It has NOT been a treat working on our remodel. Our contractor frequently changes his story (first: “yea, we can do that,” second: “well, we never discussed that, but I guess we can do that, you’ll have to pay for supplies” third: “I’m going to need you to pay $500 labor for that.”

Lesson learned: get everything in writing. We try, we really do, but if we were to actually do that on this project for every promise, we’d probably not even have the framing done!

So, here’s the latest bit of annoyance: we found the lights we wanted and asked him to order them for us (there was a $600+ line item in the remodel budget for lighting). We found lights that came to $578 for 3 pendants and an over-table light. We gave him all the information about the lights, and he said that his girlfriend would order them for us. After 2 weeks of waiting, R checks on them, and the contract says that they have been ordered by girlfriend. 2 more weeks pass, R asks about the lights, and contractor says, “I dropped the ball on that, I’ll order them now” (this is after he asked US to pay for them, and for that line item to disappear from the contract). Another 10 days pass (to today) and R and contractor have ANOTHER discussion about the lights, and contract says that he ordered them, but that the fixtures will be in sooner than the shades, and that they should be installed shortly.

I decide to call the lighting store to verify that they have indeed been ordered, and *surprise* — there has not been a single order placed under his name or ours.

The store also told me that it’d all arrive at the same time, not as fixtures first, shades later (like liar contractor told us). So I wonder if he was planing a switcheroo with some less expensive lights, hoping we wouldn’t notice?

R said that he’ll need to see the receipt before any installation happens, thank goodness, but aside from that, what should we do?

Seriously… this is getting so old.

p.s. live in the twin cities or western Wisconsin and want to avoid this awful contractor? Please send me a message, and I’ll send you his contact information.


OMG Shoes 10

4 Feb

wedding-shoe-sagus.jpg These shoes make your feet look fat! I don’t care if you have delicate little feet and run every day. I don’t care if you have a mere 8% of fat on your body. These skinny straps will cut into you skin (or sag around your feet) and look gross. Its what they do. There’s a reason most couture shoe manufacturers don’t use this style.

And, the stress will make you bloat a bit (so I’ve been told). If you want to look and feel great, skip these Sagus shoes.

OMG Shoes 7

3 Feb

wedding-shoe-benjamin-walk-2.jpgI don’t know why, but these shoes scream “There She Is, Miss America…” and not in a good way.

Is it the crystal accents?

the weird petaled heel?

I’m not really sure, but the only dress this Benjamin Walk shoe works with is a pageant gown.