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Amazed by The English Dept.

4 Feb

The English Dept. Is hosting their annual bridal show this weekend. I so wish I could be there!

These dresses are stunning, ethereal and… simply perfect.

Love, love, love.

The English Dept. Is run by owner/designer Elizabeth Dye. Photography by Lisa Warninger.

Oh, and for those of you who aren’t Portland-bound, check out Elizabeth’s Etsy store.

I'll Be A Sun-Kissed Bride

21 Apr

I love the look of a sun-kissed bride. That glow that seems to emanate from deep within, that look of sheer happiness.

I usually can’t achieve that look naturally. I get those dark circles under my eyes, my skin tone is sometimes blotchy and I generally don’t project that warmth (I try! I just don’t) – even though I am generally a very happy, easy-going person.

I can’t get into tanning. I did that when I was younger, but now that I see a little wrin

I tried a few cosmetic lines, but had minimal success as I tried to capture that look without looking all fakey-bakey.

Now, I can stop complaining 🙂

I ordered a sweet little set from Sephora – which includes an illuminating finishing powder (and it works!), an eyeshadow trio in gold glow, lip color in natalie (which looks dark, but comes out looking like a lovely soft wash of color), and lash visor waterproof mascara (hello, wedding day!).

Here are the products on their own:
Finishing powder
Eye shadow
Lip color

Or, you could buy the same get, snag a cute little metallic linen clutch and get it all for $38.


Love it!

On a side note, it’d make a lovely bridesmaid or mother’s day gift.

Here’s my makeup inspiration (and stylish celebrity-twin when comparing compexion, cheekbones and possibly jawline) Leighton Meester rocking that lovely sunkissed look.

I am Loving Aisle Pomanders

4 Dec

I adore Martha Stewart poms and plan to figure out a way to use them for our wedding.

But there’s something so spectacular about pomanders, that I figure I will need to use them as well, for a nice color *pop* at our reception.

However, with our meager budget, pomanders made of real flowers are SO not going to happen.

VintageGlam Blog, however, has the solution!

Check out these awesome tissue paper pomanders that Amanda used at her ceremony. They were fairly inexpensive and stunning, when seen in succession.

pomander_vintageglamblog (images from {snippet & ink}

Here’s the link to Amanda’s tutorial on her {VintageGlam Blog}, so you can do them yourself.

My Blog Obsession

11 Nov

I used to be a Weddingbee junky. I was constantly checking up on my favorite bees and their adventures, DIY activities and the message boards. With the purchase of Weddingbee by eHarmony, I’ve noticed a change. The bees aren’t blogging as much, and they’re doing these weird sponsored things (Hello — The Secret Life of Bees?! — great book, but having all the bees share a “secret” was a bit forced).

I still go to my usual favorites, but I’ve also settled in with a fantastic blog that never lets me down, fills my mind (and folders) with inspiration and manages a certain grace and style that’s hard to find online. Right now, I am professing my love for Southern Wedding’s blog. Sigh. Love it!

Ribbons, Buttons and Fashion… Oh MY!

16 Oct



I love a good craft shop — I enjoy Michael’s and Joann, but I don’t LOVE them. I honestly seek out those stores that inspire me and leave me awe-struck and amazed, full of tactile, beautiful pieces that make me want to CREATE.

I’m thinking and hoping that I’ve found one such place in Stillwater, MN — look at this photo and tell me that this very image doesn’t inspire you!

I am so, so, SO excited to visit Rose Mille. Here’s the backstory: The store opened in San Jose, CA (one of my 5 favorite U.S. cities!) as a millinery and fine craft shop (along with other fineries). The Calif. shop closed, to be reopened in Stillwater, Minn. in 2002.

The shop is broken down into creative(!!!), gifts, style and decor.

I am so excited to get in there and play with the ribbons, buttons and other millinery pieces. I may have to splurge on some beautiful vintage items (perhaps a brooch?!) and I’m hoping against hope that there are so many lovely items that I actually have to CHOOSE between some gorgeous pieces.

I recently took a sewing class in St. Paul on Saturday and wow… I need to dash out to Rose Mille for some creative brainstorming and beauty-gathering.

The Perfect Wedding Clutch

3 Sep

I love a good purse. I seldom buy them, because I love my classic lovelies, and I can’t bear to spave (spend money on something because it is cheap, and thus, save money on the price) my money on a cheap handbag, unless it is beyond lovely.

Enter Nelle Handbags. I love these bags, they’re quirky, cute and so well made. I love stalking the blog posting to see when new bags are unleashed, and I can hardly wait for the day that Nelle Handbags are seen on the runways with some hot celebrity grasping the gorgeous silk charmeuse or ribbon material.

Sooo, here you go. Eye candy that makes my resolve (to save money) melt.

Nelle Holiday 2008Nelle Fit To Be Tied

Nelle Holiday 2008

What I love about Nelle Handbags are these things:
1. those with brooches are all different! Each bag has a different bit of vintage “bling”
2. she hand-dyes the fabrics, creating rich, delicious colors
3. Laura loves ribbons and she makes them gorgeous, from details on the Fit To Be Tied to creating an entire bag from pleated petersham ribbon.

If you’re at my wedding, I can promise that you’ll see one of these pretties on me… but which one?

Um, Swoon

28 Aug

I haven’t posted full photos of my dress on here yet… I’m just not ready for that kind of committment.

However, I still am on the prowl for gorgeous dresses.

Look at this fantastic Melissa Sweet, Dora dress. I absolutely adore the swiss dot organza fabric, the ruched bustier area and and the flow of this gown. The mini crumb catcher detailing on the bust is awesome.

If only I had more boobage.

If you love this dress, hold onto your wallet and run to Priscilla. I am sad that this baby is, sigh, in hte $3,000 – $5,000 range.

I couldn’t even dare to try it on, for fear of blowing 1/4 of my wedding budget on a dress (and then I couldn’t afford the photography, so it would be pointless to have such a beauty), but I may take a closer look at the beauty that is, at my appointment at Priscilla’s tomorrow!!!

I Want to Look Stunning

27 Aug

I want to shock my GTB on our wedding day. I want to look so beautiful that he’s speechless. Of course I still want to look like me, but I want to look like an amazing version of me, one that my future children will look up and say, “wow, mom looked beautiful on her wedding day.”

I don’t want them to laugh at my dated makeup, my tacky lipcolor or the cheesy backdrop (thank goodness I didn’t get hitched in 1992!).

Anyway, look at these before and after photos — I’d like a transformation of this proportion. These photos come from MN Bridal Makeup Artistry . If you’ve got the cash to spend, it’s $460 for the bride and 3 maids to get their beauty ON.

I’m seriously contemplating airbrush, but I’ll totally need to test run it!

Photos copyright by Matt Blum Photography. . I know that lighting is everything, but… wow.

Cool Centerpieces

21 Aug

I love flowers, but having them on every single darned table at my wedding just doesn’t float my boat.

I want something different, that fits the space and is somewhat crafty, because I am, well, crafty.

Here are my two thoughts:

1. glass vase filled with river rocks to stabilize the tall shoots of curly willow (in most) and branches. Bonus: my mom has a curly willow tree and offered to pull 200 branches, cut them to the same heights and dry them. That alone will save me about $80! (see photo one and mentally replace the pink rocks with glossy river rocks)

2. low glass bowl/vase filled with lemons/limes and maybe oranges. I’ll be adding photos of the venue soon, but think casual but classy, a wall of windows overlooking minneapolis, glossy wood floors and colors of saffron, terra cotta and an earthy green. (see photo two and imagine a low glass bowl or plate)

what do you think?

Absolutely Stunning

10 Jul

This Reem Acra dress takes my breath away.

The sweet blush tone, the swingy skirt, the low (too low for me)-cut bodice.

I am simply swooning over this gorgeous dress.


(dress is from 2007 runway, featured by Martha Stewart)