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Cute DIY decor from around the web

17 May

I thought this would be a good opportunity to share some of the fantastic decor finds I’ve come across in the last week. It’s part link-love, part inspiration aggregation. Hope you enjoy this soon-to-be regular feature!

Easy and adorable paper flags via oh! PARTY. Are these not the cutest cupcake/drink flags ever? They’d look great with striped paper straws too!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Fabric poms are adorable! Make a bundle of these and stuff them in a jar. Instant decor – thanks to Wildflowers and Whimsy.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

This basic white jar has been spruced up with.. masking tape! Jessica at How About Orange is a brilliant crafter – this technique could easily be used on water or wine glasses, candle holders, mirrors, etc.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Did those get your creative juices flowing or what?

xoxo McKenzie

All images via above referenced sites.


DIY fabulous crepe paper flowers

22 Apr

Ooh, I am in love with these crepe paper flowers that Jessica from How About Orange came up with. She is so darned creative!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Add this to my list of crepe paper crafts I need to try – a list that just keeps growing!

Find the tutorial here.

xoxo McKenzie

Image via How About Orange.

Tutorial: fluffier, puffier tissue paper poms

12 Nov

I modified the hugely popular Martha Stewart pom tutorial, as well as this darling Once Wed tutorial for pom garlands in an effort to create a more dense, less floppy pom.

You will need:
10 sheets of tissue paper per pom
florist wire (OR rubber bands)
string, bakers twine, thread, yarn, ribbon or tape to hang or attach

bone folder (for crisper folds)
scissor (if you want to ruffle the edges)
ruler (if you want consistent folds, I just rely on my eyes)

Start with 5 sheets of paper stacked. Start folding 1″ – 1.5″ inch accordian files along the long side of the paper (I used Target 20 packs).

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Tutorial: nesting doll baby booties

22 Oct

My dear, wonderful friend (Rachel, if you’ve stumbled upon this post, stop reading now!) has a bun in the oven and is a huge fan of all things Russia/Eastern European (she studied abroad and also volunteered at an orphanage)- so of course, in planning her shower, we just HAD to go with Matryoshkas (a.k.a. nesting dolls or babushkas) as the theme.

Here’s a sweet little number I made for her – first to be used as shower decor, then as baby booties!

I used this pattern to build them, then tweaked them slightly.

I started out with wool felt (make sure it’s wool and not 100% synthetic).

Iron double-sided interfacing to wool felt.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Remove adhesive backing.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Iron to (pre-washed) cotton fabric to interfacing (that is already attached to wool). Follow manufacturer details (mine said to cover second fabric with a cotton cloth – I used a clean t-shirt).

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Cut out the shape of the top (twice – flip the pattern to make a more distinct left and right shoe) and bottom (ditto).

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The trickiest part for me was to stitch the matryoshka onto the top of the shoes. The eyes were especially difficult – I had to redo them 3x because they kept looking evil. No baby’s first pair of shoes should have evil eyes 🙂

So I cut out the main body shape, a face shape, and a dress detail shape. Stitch the face and dress detail pieces to the main body shape using a contrasting-colored embroidery floss. Then carefully add eyes and cheeks. There’s not much room to work with, so practice a little first if you haven’t played with embroidery floss in a while.

Stitch the matryoshka to the shoe top with broad, hand stitches in a contrasting color of embroidery floss.

Repeat with other shoe top.

Next, stitch the back of the shoe shut. I stitched this by hand, but you could easily do this part on a machine. Make sure to pin in a few spots before you start. If you hand stitch, start the stitch at the bottom of the shoe, so your tie-off doesn’t show. Repeat with other shoe.

Pin each shoe top to a shoe bottom with the wool fabric out.

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Sew each top to a bottom. I used my machine for this, but you could just as easily stitch it by hand.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Finally, cut a small slice on each side of each shoe (2 slices in each shoe) into the shoe where indicated, and thread ribbon through for tying shoe.

Voila! Cute baby shoes for decor or wear!

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xoxo McKenzie

I’m feeling inspired and crafty

13 Oct

Oh boy! The Sweetest Occasion has teamed up with Elizabeth Anne Designs for an Inspired Creations contest. The winner gets a bunch of fabulous prizes, but I’m actually REALLY excited for the exchange. They’re coordinating a gift exchange among the participants!!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I dreamed up some ideas, but none of them have been quite right yet. I had visions of tutorials on silk belts, scrunched flowers, mini-white boards and more – but none have been quite right. I think I need to sleep on it for another night or two before I select an idea.

Will you be participating?

xoxo McKenzie

Quick, easy and inexpensive DIY cake stands

30 Sep

I’ve seen some cute and easy online tutorials for making cake stands, but this one, done by A Well Crafted Party and posted on Eat, Drink Pretty is SO whimsical. And who doesn’t have a few mismatched wine glasses lying around that wouldn’t love to be remade into a sweet cake stand?

Image from eat drink pretty website

Check it out!

xoxo McKenzie

So cute: DIY mini candybar wrapper

12 Feb

Creature Comforts is one of my loves. Between the inspiration and the sweet tutorials, I might stalk this blog a bit more than I should.

Check out this lovely little freebie – print your own mini candy bar wrappers. These would make a sweet valentines treat – or maybe a cute little wedding favor.


image from creaturecomforts.com

My DIY Cake Stands

10 Oct

I really wanted dramatic cake stands that:
a. didn’t break the bank
b. looked fantastic

I needed 5 and set my budget at under $60 for the whole bunch – virtually impossible, right?


We purchased 5 wooden discs – 1-12″ and 4-10″ – from our local home improvement store. Each cost about $5.

Then we found fence post caps – to serve as the bases. Each cost about $1.20

For the rise, we chose 12″ high carved decorative fence posts – they looked like miniature stair spindles – each costing about $.97.

We grabbed some 1 1/2 inch screws and just screwed the disc to one end of the spindle and screwed the fence post cap to the other end. Once this 5 minute task was completed, we hauled them outside and spray painted them our desired color (ivory).

2 coats later, they were done!

Since we were planning to place food (cake & cupcakes) onto the discs, and they’d been spray painted, I trimmed out some discs of paper to match the card box and guest book.

The final product took under an hour to make, and cost about $42 to make them all (the spray paint added about $6 in cost).

Oh, don’t mind the stupid carrots on our cake, our ridiculous caterer (Miel y Leche) decided to “surprise” us with them. Ugh. at least the cake was delicious.


Want more info/tutorial photos? Comment with interest. I’d be happy to recreate and photograph the process.

Coolest Photobooth EVER

8 Sep

We hosted a DIY photobooth at our wedding — with a local photography student manning the camera (for less than $20/hour). We were lucky enough to have someone provide the backdrop stands, so we just used our polka-dot fabric (that we used a runners) as the backdrop.


I stumbled upon this photobooth backdrop at Green Wedding Shoes. Freaking Brilliant. I want one.

Wedding Details – The Cardbox

24 May

I wanted something a little different for our cardbox.

I stalked eBay, Craigslist and online stores for the perfect birdcage. It had to be large and difficult to simply pick up or open (I’ve heard too many horror stories about staff, guests or crashers stealing wedding cards, or the entire cardbox!).

We finally scored a sweet birdcage, originally from Pier 1, for under $20. I went to work removing a few bars, and R used some sort of saw or other machinery to cut through a metal bar (so we could make a slot).

R took the cage out to the yard and went through 3 cans of spraypaint to turn it from a dingy brown to a luscious ivory color.

I finished it off with a layer of Paper-Source scrollwork paper in the bottom.

As a finishing touch, we added the sweet sign “Cards and Kind Wishes” and hung it by ribbons.

It served a function while also looking pretty gorgeous on the gift table.

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