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Inspiration: birthday party tricycle wash

31 May

As I sit on my computer, wondering how steamy this week will be, this photo completes 2 goals.
1. makes me smile, ear to ear
2. makes the warm weather just a touch more bearable.

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p.s. this would be an absolutely awesome addition to most any summer party.


xoxo McKenzie

Photo by Ernest Coleman / The Enquirer via San Francisco Chronicle.


Thanksgiving inspiration

8 Nov

I am not hosting Thanksgiving this year 😦

Between my grandma V hosting on the day of, and my mother-in-law hosting another feast over the weekend, I simply don’t get to host.

So I either need to tuck this fabulous image away until next year, or host a fall party asap.

Sweet as a Peach

Love this image from Sweet as a Peach. I think I need to whip up a chalkboard over the weekend.

xoxo McKenzie

Bridal inspiration shoot: published

19 Oct

The fantastic Minnesota Bride just published our bridal photo shoot (Engageology is the bridal-focused side of Stitch & Soiree).

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

A hearty THANK YOU to

Laura Ivanova – photographer
L’atelier Couture – dresses and jewelry
Smart & Chic – hair and makeup (and hair piece)
Indulge & Bloom – florals
Engageology – coordination
Cafe Lurcat – location
Buttercream – bakery
Bergstrom Jewelers – rings
Robyn Love – paper goods

Vintage Glam Blog is now… Ruffled!

12 Oct

I love Vintage Glam Blog – it was in my daily blogroll while planning my wedding day… but now, Vintage Glam Blog has been rebranded – to Ruffled! The focus has now been divided between vintage and indie weddings, and will include weekly downloads and a free classifieds section!

I’m excited to see all the fabulous ideas, real weddings and projects.

Congrats to Amanda, I’m sure she put in a TON of work for this launch, I’m sure it’ll all be worth it.

OMG, J.Crew Weddings Is More Lovely Than Before!

23 Feb

I can hardly stand how lovely and amazing J.Crew Weddings & Parties section is. I mean, I get it, they’re retail, but COME ON. I could go back to this page over and over again, there’s inspiration all around this section.

Look at this awesome inspiration board on their landing page…


Le Sigh!

My Blog Obsession

11 Nov

I used to be a Weddingbee junky. I was constantly checking up on my favorite bees and their adventures, DIY activities and the message boards. With the purchase of Weddingbee by eHarmony, I’ve noticed a change. The bees aren’t blogging as much, and they’re doing these weird sponsored things (Hello — The Secret Life of Bees?! — great book, but having all the bees share a “secret” was a bit forced).

I still go to my usual favorites, but I’ve also settled in with a fantastic blog that never lets me down, fills my mind (and folders) with inspiration and manages a certain grace and style that’s hard to find online. Right now, I am professing my love for Southern Wedding’s blog. Sigh. Love it!

Splashes of Color!

6 Oct

I love the thought of a retro palette for our wedding. The idea of taking trend colors from a previous era and meshing them together with our modern-day (but not modern-styled) wedding to create something fresh, yet retro, gets my heart all a-twitter.

Let me introduce you to my inspiration.

Now, according to James Lucas and Adobe Illustrator, these are the color trends of the 1960s.

The beauty is that I was already planning to work with one of them (hint, it’s the middle row, 6th from the left) but I wasn’t sure what other color to use to accentuate the “pop.”

Thanks to this little palette and EAD, I am on my way (inspiration board to follow!!!).