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2012 calendar love – part 2 of 2

28 Oct

Did you fall in love with a calendar yet? I’ve gathered a few other favorites to share. In no particular order…

This calendar begs to live on my kitchen wall.

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Find it at Lizzy Clara.

Too cute – I could see these images framed in a nursery (but still mature enough to grace your office wall).

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Find it at Mademoiselle Yo‘s Etsy shop.

This is almost too easy. Each year Paper Source comes out with a fab original calendar. This is their 2012 version.

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Find it at Paper Source.

One of my favorite Twitter and Instagram accounts, Kate Spade just makes me happy. This calendar does it’s job – and makes me love my Kate Spade even more.

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Find it at Kate Spade.

The last one isn’t EXACTLY a 2012 calendar – it’s a birthday calendar. My grandma Verda has one, and she manages to remember EVERY SINGLE BIRTHDAY with the help of this calendar. Me, I rely on Facebook, and sometimes miss birthdays of those I love. I’m hoping that this fairly-adorable birthday calendar helps me to be better at birthdays.

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Find it at Paper Source.

That’s it… for now!

xoxo McKenzie

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My Blog Obsession

11 Nov

I used to be a Weddingbee junky. I was constantly checking up on my favorite bees and their adventures, DIY activities and the message boards. With the purchase of Weddingbee by eHarmony, I’ve noticed a change. The bees aren’t blogging as much, and they’re doing these weird sponsored things (Hello — The Secret Life of Bees?! — great book, but having all the bees share a “secret” was a bit forced).

I still go to my usual favorites, but I’ve also settled in with a fantastic blog that never lets me down, fills my mind (and folders) with inspiration and manages a certain grace and style that’s hard to find online. Right now, I am professing my love for Southern Wedding’s blog. Sigh. Love it!

Truly Unique Guestbook Idea

30 Oct

I found this idea via A Practical Wedding, and as a writer/editor, I just may HAVE to use it (with a ribbon board, of course!).

Emmy & Kirk had a DIY-heavy wedding with a few of their closest and most dear friends and relatives (something we’re also hoping to achieve).

And, in leiu of the traditional guest book or signed photo frame, they hauled a typewriter to the reception site. And left sheets of paper around for the guests to hand-type their own message of well wishes to the bride and groom.

What an absolutely lovely idea!

I Heart The Future Mrs. Darcy

10 Oct

I am in… shock, awe, love, amazement. I love The Future Mrs. Darcy.

Creative, fun invitations…. check
Classy, stylish invitations…. check
Amazing color combinations… check
Quirky, fun suites named after movie (and historical) couples… check
Wedding card suites that are amazingly awesome with cool maps… check

Tell me these aren’t amazing! I am stuck on this map from the Sloane and Ferris suite (Bueller!) and this incredible Adam and Eve set (the detail on the leaves is exactly what I was looking for, but couldn’t find before now).

Wouldn’t your guests love to receive these? Lovingly designed and created invitations that aren’t just inviting them to THE SOCIAL EVENT OF THE YEAR, but also mini works of art on their own. Honey, these aren’t your run-of-the-mill, throw-in-the-trash invitations (I’d show you what those look like, but I’ve, ahem, thrown them in the trash)!

I cannot tear my eyes away.

Check out the site, and don’t forget to visit the Jim and Pam invitations — perfect if you and your sweetheart met at The Office.

Not That I'm Looking…

25 Jan

nicole-miller.jpgOkay, I know I can’t start planning for the wedding yet, I don’t even have a ring on my finger, for pete’s sake.

But, I can research the crap out of everything and find the right places to make shopping for flowers, wedding bands, the dresses, caterers, cake and everything else a breeze.

Here’s one of my few certain wedding dress destinations — I Do & Baby Too. The name is enough to make most any potential groom shaking and fear, muttering, “I knew she’d start talking babies as soon as I proposed.,” but their selection is pretty darned great.